Barbados beach looks!

Ah what a dream trip! Booking it all one day in advance was a thrill in itself! Beginning to end, just an incredible rendezvous! We were planning to go Morocco, but that changed due to rainy crappy weather! Cancelled that 48 hours prior to flying! I am still recovering from my tumour op, so Vegas was out of question (clearly)! Bobby suggested Caribbean and off I go exhausting google! In the end, we got there! We didn’t find our dream hotel (trust me, never book a Caribbean holiday last minute), but found the one with the perfect beach, sweetest staff and location! It helps when your husband is an airline staff! Flights were considerably empty and we were good to go!!!!!!Moving right along, as I mentioned earlier that we were planning on going to Morocco! Hence I planned for more conservative looks! I had half a day to figure out my beach looks! This is when being a notorious shopaholic comes in handy! I packed all my fav bikinis, cover ups, summer dresses and shorts! And ended up creating my fav beach looks! I think the key for a cool and chic beach look is having a theme in mind. I would get up every morning and look out in the gorgeous ocean (yes, totally bragging but having an ocean front was def the icing on top!!!!! I will blog few pics on the next post!!) and decide what theme I wanted to pull off that day! Maybe it be pastels/floral/animal print/monochromatic etc etc. Also, accessories def accentuate the look; such as a scarf/bag/cover up/jewellery! Without further due, check out my fav beach looks from Barbados and please tell me your thoughts below!!!!!!!!!! And let me know which one is your fav!