Pineapple Salsa

I do pretty much enjoy all seasons and believe that they all serve their purpose. Summer; who doesn’t love the heat (But Brits need to start investing in a damn AC at homes. On super hot days I feel like I am being punished for being a Canadian!). Fall; that’s my fav season!! Cute clothes and all! Winter; if you are a recluse like me (Yes, for an outgoing person….I have strong hermit tendencies!)..this month is the best! Cold doesn’t bother me so much, probably because it matches my personality (go take that in for a moment!). Spring; oh I am a hopeful person! This season is all about hope, hoping for abs (that never show up), hoping for cute clothes (still waiting for those suckers to make some cute spring clothes!!!!!!) and hoping for a nice summer! All this hoping and wishing, brought me to this recipe right here! I mean, I didn’t invent it or anything! But it is my version of sweet and spicy salad!On the days when you are craving a fresh starter or a salad on the side of your fish/chicken/(if you are a vegan, than whatever it is that makes you feel light and fluffy), this recipe is perfect!!!!!


1 whole Pineapple diced (Don’t like cutting it? Neither do I, get yourself a pre peeled one!)

1 finely chopped red onion

5 chopped mini plum tomatoes

1/2 chopped cilantro/coriander (Brits like to have their own special words)

1 fresh lime

1 fresh lemon

1 red jalapeƱo chopped (or green, whatever floats your culinary boat)

Salt/Pepper to taste


Get a cute salad bowl! Mix all ingredients well and Viola! Enjoy it as a side or a starter with some crispy pita bread! I had mine with some salmon/sweet potatoes/asparagus and it was an absolute hit!

I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know your thoughts in comments below!