Holiday Blues! Part 1!

Parties galore! Needless to say I needed some downtime! Hence the gap in between blog posts! Excuses, excuses you say! But running after an overactive toddler, back to work, trying to get back on track chasing that six pack…it has been hectic! Nevertheless, I will be better at future posts in 2018. Let me share a bit of holiday fun! I miss the christmas madness, so bare with me while I overload you with few Christmas posts!

I shall dedicate this post to one of my fav things on Christmas Day! The table!! Enjoy! ūüôā


Winter Wonderland Preview!

Our main living and dining space is a mixture of grey, blue and bold metallics. I haven’t had a chance to capture all of the features in here. But here is a little preview! As you can see, my little bubba is ecstatic that Santa is coming soon!!!! I will post more about this room later this week!IMG_0001IMG_0002IMG_0007IMG_0008IMG_0009

Vibrant thing!

Our sitting room features original fireplace (safe to say more than 100 years old), vibrant coloured art and unmissable tiled feature wall. Hence, I decided to go with Cherry Blossom. I think it just adds to its current warmth! On another note, I absolutely love the art pieces in this room. I will do another post on these pieces soon!IMG_0017IMG_0016IMG_0032IMG_0013IMG_0014IMG_0024

A little sneak peak into Christmas 2017!

Hello! If you know me well, you know I adore Christmas. Something about putting up the Christmas tree and ¬†ornaments makes me so giddy. You can create your own little Winter Wonderland and all that sparkle makes life so much better (except the recent news that glitter is harmful for self inflicting humans and it is about to be banned..probably someone who hates happy people came up with that theory). The way I see it, Christmas is all about spending joyful time with people you love , eating FATastic food, drinking loads of Pro-sec-ho-ho (yea,¬†couldn’t help it) and making life time memories. Without further due, I am going to be sharing all my Christmas madness with you on here. Tell me what you think! Thanks for stoping by!¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†