Return to Clydey Cottages: Home away from home!

Family fun holiday in gorgeous Welsh Countryside!


I am so excited to share another blog post on our fav place to visit in Wales, Clydey Cottages in Pembrokeshire. This trip was just as magical if not more special than the last one. Every time we come and stay at Clydey Cottages, it feels like home.

I arranged this trip to celebrate Bobby’s bday and took our friend Sheila along with us. I booked the trip last minute and luckily we were able to book Honeysuckle cottage (3 bedrooms). The staff was super supportive in arranging our last minute trip. We were blessed with the gorgeous sunny weather. Apparently it was the hottest weekend Wales ever had in February. As if that was not the greatest start, when we arrived at Clydey cottages we were welcomed with a beautiful starter pack for our stay and gifts for Bobby’y bday. I am going to share gorgeous pictures of our cottage below.

During our last trip, we stayed at two bedroom Jasmine cottage. We were so impressed with that cottage but Honeysuckle cottage just blew us away. The cottage had all necessary items maybe it be kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living space. If attention to detail matters to you, you will be impressed services and facilities provided by Clydey Cottages.

Jageer had his first swimming experience at the gorgeous indoor swimming pool and he absolutely loved it. Sheila who’s an expert swimmer, where as Bobby is an novice and I can’t swim at all (a bit embracing to admit, but hey ho!). Sheila took Jageer swimming every morning and he absolutely loved it. Here are few captures:

Other facilities on sight includes playground (which is being renovated to include more playground facilities for kids), indoor hot tub, sauna, soft play area for young kids, creche/babysitting, small shop for basic needs for your stay and full spa facilities. The grounds have farm animals on sight, where kids can go feed them in the morning. Our fav facility at the cottage was hottub. It has the most stunning views and at night the sky is lit with beautiful twinkling stars. We took advantage of this fab hottub every night. Following are some captures of the gorgeous Clydey Cottages grounds:

As facilities are self catered, we did make some of our meals at the cottage. Nevertheless, we were very pleased to know that owners of Clydey cottages own a beautiful Nagshead pub nearby. We dined there two nights in a row and let me tell you the food was so delicious. It is a beautiful pub with the most quaint and chic vibe. So if you are looking for a fab lunch/dinner head on over to Nagshead and Dewi & Jacqui will look after you. We are already planning our next trip to this happy place this summer and we are planning on staying at the gorgeous farm house. Needless to say, I will be sharing that experience with you all.

Believe it or not, we did manage to pull ourselves away from this gorgeous place and made few days trips to Poppet beach, Saint David’s cathedral, Fishguard sea point, Cardigan city and on our way back home we stopped at Tenby beach. I feel like we didn’t have enough to make the most of Tenby and will be making a proper stop there on our next visit.

Poppit Beach


Fishguard is one of the most beautiful seacoast cities I have ever seen. We stopped here on our way to St David’s cathedral.

St David’s Cathedral

All in all, this was an incredible trip and we made such amazing memories. I feel like Wales is such a beautiful place to visit and definitely underrated when it comes to tourism. If you live in UK & Wales, looking for a fun family holiday and don’t necessarily want to fly; do not hesitate to check out Clydey Cottages. Now, this place is our home away from home and we are planning on visiting this gorgeous gem often in the years to come.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as we enjoyed visiting this place. If you have any questions regarding this gorgeous place, feel free to msg me. Do not hesitate to leave your thoughts on this post below.

Thank you so much to Jacqui, Dewi & Clydey team for looking after us during our stay.

Loads of Love,



V-Day at Danesfield House & Spa!

Valentine’s day!

Hello my loves,

I am dedicating this post to our fab spa day at Danesfield House and Spa in Marlow. Sorry, I have been MIA on my blog for the past few months. Last time, I did the blog post was around my tumour operation! No worries, I have fully recovered and I have been focusing most on my Instagram:

I have been meaning to write a blog post for a while now! Our recent visit to Danesfield House is definitely worth sharing! Hence, I am commencing my return back to blogging with this fab spa day post!

Bobby & I booked the day off work and treated ourselves to a Spa day at Danesfield House in Marlow. Jageer is in nursery on Thursdays, so it worked out perfectly. We arrived at this fab hotel roughly around 12 pm.We were impressed by its incredible grande grounds, the moment we drove upto its gates! This hotel is tucked away and overlooking the gorgeous River Thames. If you are a historic nerd like me, I will share a little history on this place.

“Danesfield House that we see today was completed in 1901 as a family home for Robert William Hudson. The house is the third property to have been built within this glorious setting, amidst 65 acres of formal gardens with outstanding views over the River Thames and the Chiltern Hills beyond.” For more information check out;

Now that we have history covered, let me tell you how fab the facilities are especially the restaurant and Danesfield spa.

We started off our afternoon with a delicious lunch at The orangery. I choose goat cheese/beet root salad for starter and seabass for my main course. I paired my meal with a glass of Sancere Rose. Bobby ordered smoked salmon for starters and Onglet steak for his main course. The food was utterly delicious and the service was incredible. Especially the morning manager who stayed behind for lunch service was super attentive and helpful on choosing dishes. Unfortunately, Bobby didn’t listen to his recommendation and ended up with the heavy meal before massage. The steak was so delicious, but he couldn’t finish it on time for our massage appointment. When we realised our massage was cut off by 10 minutes due to our own fault, we were a bit disappointed. Nevertheless, the massage did not disappoint.

Danesfield spa is award winning and I can I see why! The facilities are incredibly stunning and staff were utterly welcoming. We booked a couple’s massage, hence we were placed together in a very serene setting room (pics to follow!). Our masseuses were very attentive to our needs and well professional. After our massages we had an option of using wonderful spa facilities or having couple of drinks at the bar. Considering, it was a gorgeous sunny day, we decided to head to the stunning patio overlooking River Thames views and enjoyed Brut Rose! It was nearly time to grab Jageer from nursery and we headed back home.

The entire experience left us wanting more and needless to say we will be coming back to this gorgeous gem of a place. We managed to capture few shots of our Spa Day. If you are following me on Instagram and watched my insta stories during that stay, you have probably noticed how stunning is this hotel. In case you haven’t, check out few images and videos of our fab day! If you are interested in booking your own spa day at this fab place; click on the following link:

I hope you enjoy the images and please don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


Welsh Countryside Escape

One of the things I love about England and Wales is it’s gorgeous countryside. Any chance I can get – I like to take to full advantage of it and go exploring! Funny thing about this trip was that we were meant to be visiting Canada. Unfortunately, the day before flying to Canada, we couldn’t find my son’s passport (insert crying emojis)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, I had to do make the best of the devastation we faced and planned a quick trip to Wales! Where do you go with a two-year old and semi-decent weather?!

Eventually, we found Clydey Cottages in Pembrokeshire that accommodates young families! This place is incredible and we will definitely be going back there this summer! Considering we booked it one day in advance, it was incredibly sweet of them to upgrade us to a two bedroom cottage. The moment we walked in to our cottage Jasmine, we felt at home! It is self catering facilities, so we did our food shopping ahead of time and made a delicious home-cooked roast on our first night. My baby thoroughly enjoyed the outdoor and indoor play areas! For young parents, there is a daycare available on site. The day care definitely came in handy for us and gave us alone time! We could have explored more nearby sites, but we decided to stay back at the cottage and relax. As it has the most incredible view and vast grounds! It has indoor pools and hot tubs. The outside hot tub overseeing the incredible views was definitely the icing on the cake. We literally stayed in there for three hours each night! To say the least, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay!!!!!!  I am sharing few pics from the trip and I hope it inspires you to book your next country escape!

Special thanks to Clydey cottages and its incredible staff for making our stay memorable!

La Rosa

Dedicating this post to my love for Summer fashion! If you live in a sun deprived country such as England, nothing is ever more exciting (ok maybe not as exciting as new pair of shoes…cute dress…a good glass of wine…clearly I’m easily excited!). But you get where I am going?!  Festivals are around the corner. I so wish, I could ditch my boys for a week and go Coachella. In my head, I am still 23 (why not 21 you ask, too much pressure of being cool!). Anyways, I just wanted to do a series of few Spring posts. Nevertheless, closest I am getting to Coachella ATM is Peterely Farm, we live 5 mins away. Ok, it’s nothing like Coachella! Just a good old farm with the cutest cafe and incredible farm shop with yummy goodies! I probably go there at least twice a month (when the weather is acting right!). Their food is all freshly made and incredibly delicious! They are super accommodating to the little ones as well! Me and my BFF were just there earlier this week! It was an amazing sunny day and we spent most of our time sitting outside (sipping on Rose ofcourse!)

If you are anything like me, you dress according to the vibe! May it be the weather, location or the company! Spring definitely calls for bright pretty colours. The dress I am wearing in these pictures, instantly reminded me of vibrant Spanish flair with a twist. I think frills (when done correctly) add an extra umph to an outfit! So why not add some frills and pop of colour to your wardrobe this spring! Since we were going to be walking around on a farm, I chose to wear rose gold booties ( A bit extra for the farm you might think, but I like to push the envelope!). On a side note, you could probably dress up this outfit with a pair of stilettos and dance the night away! As you have noticed in my recent posts, I love the versatility in the outfits! You should invest in pieces that can be worn as an easy day wear or a fancy night attire! Without further due, check out few of the pix from our day at the farm! I am naming this dress, La Rosa!💕

Thank you for reading! 💕


Barbados Evening Vibes

As I mentioned earlier, the trip was absolutely sensational! Amongst many other things, we thoroughly enjoyed our evenings! From dining by the beach, enjoying night life, conversations with the locals/hotel staff, walking along St Lawrence strip; Barbados definitely filled our happy bucket! If you are wondering where to go for a Caribbean holiday, book Barbados! And if you want more lively experience stay on the south coast and check out our fav place to dine Primo bar and Bistro! Request to sit by the waterside and enjoy the whole experience! I have to stay it was probably the most romantic dinner we have had as a couple! Food was delish and staff was superb. Most of the nights we did stay in our resort and enjoyed dinner on the beach, local entertainment and gourmet restaurants especially Asiago. I did not expect to enjoy the best Italian food in Barbados. Let me tell you the Gnocchi was out of this world!!!! Getting hungry just thinking about it!!! Since we left our two year old with my mum/dad and Bobby’s uncle/aunt, we wanted to make the most of it. And it was one of the best decisions we made! As young parents, there is absolutely nothing better than taking a little break and escape into the superb beach vacay! Here are few pics from our evenings in Barbados, hope you enjoy them! ❤️



Barbados beach looks!

Ah what a dream trip! Booking it all one day in advance was a thrill in itself! Beginning to end, just an incredible rendezvous! We were planning to go Morocco, but that changed due to rainy crappy weather! Cancelled that 48 hours prior to flying! I am still recovering from my tumour op, so Vegas was out of question (clearly)! Bobby suggested Caribbean and off I go exhausting google! In the end, we got there! We didn’t find our dream hotel (trust me, never book a Caribbean holiday last minute), but found the one with the perfect beach, sweetest staff and location! It helps when your husband is an airline staff! Flights were considerably empty and we were good to go!!!!!!Moving right along, as I mentioned earlier that we were planning on going to Morocco! Hence I planned for more conservative looks! I had half a day to figure out my beach looks! This is when being a notorious shopaholic comes in handy! I packed all my fav bikinis, cover ups, summer dresses and shorts! And ended up creating my fav beach looks! I think the key for a cool and chic beach look is having a theme in mind. I would get up every morning and look out in the gorgeous ocean (yes, totally bragging but having an ocean front was def the icing on top!!!!! I will blog few pics on the next post!!) and decide what theme I wanted to pull off that day! Maybe it be pastels/floral/animal print/monochromatic etc etc. Also, accessories def accentuate the look; such as a scarf/bag/cover up/jewellery! Without further due, check out my fav beach looks from Barbados and please tell me your thoughts below!!!!!!!!!! And let me know which one is your fav!

Journey back to Blonde Part 1

Oh honey! Nearly 7 hours later, aching apple bum, surviving only on 3 cups of coffee through it all….but definitely worth it! I thought I needed a little pick me up and decided to do Balayage. Ofcourse, I had to pick the best in town i.e Bernardo Vasconcelos! If you don’t know, you need to know! I have had jet black for nearly 3 years now and decided to go lighter, as you do for Summer (if we ever get one!!!!! 😐) Bernardo and his amazing team made me so happy! Obviously, I will be going back for more sessions to attain the desired end goal! But I am loving the results from today!!!! Check out the before and after!!! Tell me what you think! ❤️BeforeAfter

Pineapple Salsa

I do pretty much enjoy all seasons and believe that they all serve their purpose. Summer; who doesn’t love the heat (But Brits need to start investing in a damn AC at homes. On super hot days I feel like I am being punished for being a Canadian!). Fall; that’s my fav season!! Cute clothes and all! Winter; if you are a recluse like me (Yes, for an outgoing person….I have strong hermit tendencies!)..this month is the best! Cold doesn’t bother me so much, probably because it matches my personality (go take that in for a moment!). Spring; oh I am a hopeful person! This season is all about hope, hoping for abs (that never show up), hoping for cute clothes (still waiting for those suckers to make some cute spring clothes!!!!!!) and hoping for a nice summer! All this hoping and wishing, brought me to this recipe right here! I mean, I didn’t invent it or anything! But it is my version of sweet and spicy salad!On the days when you are craving a fresh starter or a salad on the side of your fish/chicken/(if you are a vegan, than whatever it is that makes you feel light and fluffy), this recipe is perfect!!!!!


1 whole Pineapple diced (Don’t like cutting it? Neither do I, get yourself a pre peeled one!)

1 finely chopped red onion

5 chopped mini plum tomatoes

1/2 chopped cilantro/coriander (Brits like to have their own special words)

1 fresh lime

1 fresh lemon

1 red jalapeño chopped (or green, whatever floats your culinary boat)

Salt/Pepper to taste


Get a cute salad bowl! Mix all ingredients well and Viola! Enjoy it as a side or a starter with some crispy pita bread! I had mine with some salmon/sweet potatoes/asparagus and it was an absolute hit!

I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know your thoughts in comments below!

Holidays with my favs!

As you will get to know or most of you already know, I am the queen of capturing every little moment. I couldn’t decide on just few pics from the holidays, so I have compiled more than few on here. But here it goes! We had an incredible and eventful time during the holidays! Looking forward to the next one already and that will be in Canada!!!!!

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Holiday Blues! Part 1!

Parties galore! Needless to say I needed some downtime! Hence the gap in between blog posts! Excuses, excuses you say! But running after an overactive toddler, back to work, trying to get back on track chasing that six pack…it has been hectic! Nevertheless, I will be better at future posts in 2018. Let me share a bit of holiday fun! I miss the christmas madness, so bare with me while I overload you with few Christmas posts!

I shall dedicate this post to one of my fav things on Christmas Day! The table!! Enjoy! 🙂

Winter Wonderland Preview!

Our main living and dining space is a mixture of grey, blue and bold metallics. I haven’t had a chance to capture all of the features in here. But here is a little preview! As you can see, my little bubba is ecstatic that Santa is coming soon!!!! I will post more about this room later this week!IMG_0001IMG_0002IMG_0007IMG_0008IMG_0009

Vibrant thing!

Our sitting room features original fireplace (safe to say more than 100 years old), vibrant coloured art and unmissable tiled feature wall. Hence, I decided to go with Cherry Blossom. I think it just adds to its current warmth! On another note, I absolutely love the art pieces in this room. I will do another post on these pieces soon!IMG_0017IMG_0016IMG_0032IMG_0013IMG_0014IMG_0024

A little sneak peak into Christmas 2017!

Hello! If you know me well, you know I adore Christmas. Something about putting up the Christmas tree and  ornaments makes me so giddy. You can create your own little Winter Wonderland and all that sparkle makes life so much better (except the recent news that glitter is harmful for self inflicting humans and it is about to be banned..probably someone who hates happy people came up with that theory). The way I see it, Christmas is all about spending joyful time with people you love , eating FATastic food, drinking loads of Pro-sec-ho-ho (yea, couldn’t help it) and making life time memories. Without further due, I am going to be sharing all my Christmas madness with you on here. Tell me what you think! Thanks for stoping by!