La Rosa

Dedicating this post to my love for Summer fashion! If you live in a sun deprived country such as England, nothing is ever more exciting (ok maybe not as exciting as new pair of shoes…cute dress…a good glass of wine…clearly I’m easily excited!). But you get where I am going?!Β  Festivals are around the corner. I so wish, I could ditch my boys for a week and go Coachella. In my head, I am still 23 (why not 21 you ask, too much pressure of being cool!). Anyways, I just wanted to do a series of few Spring posts. Nevertheless, closestΒ I am getting to Coachella ATM is Peterely Farm, we live 5 mins away. Ok, it’s nothing like Coachella! Just a good old farm with the cutest cafe and incredible farm shop with yummy goodies! I probably go there at least twice a month (when the weather is acting right!). Their food is all freshly made and incredibly delicious! They are super accommodating to the little ones as well! Me and my BFF were just there earlier this week! It was an amazing sunny day and we spent most of our time sitting outside (sipping on Rose ofcourse!)

If you are anything like me, you dress according to the vibe! May it be the weather, location or the company! Spring definitely calls for bright pretty colours. The dress I am wearing in these pictures, instantly reminded me of vibrant Spanish flair with a twist. I think frills (when done correctly) add an extra umph to an outfit! So why not add some frills and pop of colour to your wardrobe this spring! Since we were going to be walking around on a farm, I chose to wear rose gold booties ( A bit extra for the farm you might think, but I like to push the envelope!). On a side note, you could probably dress up this outfit with a pair of stilettos and dance the night away! As you have noticed in my recent posts, I love the versatility in the outfits! You should invest in pieces that can be worn as an easy day wear or a fancy night attire! Without further due, check out few of the pix from our day at the farm! I am naming this dress, La Rosa!πŸ’•

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