Journey back to Blonde Part 1

Oh honey! Nearly 7 hours later, aching apple bum, surviving only on 3 cups of coffee through it all….but definitely worth it! I thought I needed a little pick me up and decided to do Balayage. Ofcourse, I had to pick the best in town i.e Bernardo Vasconcelos! If you don’t know, you need to know! I have had jet black for nearly 3 years now and decided to go lighter, as you do for Summer (if we ever get one!!!!! 😐) Bernardo and his amazing team made me so happy! Obviously, I will be going back for more sessions to attain the desired end goal! But I am loving the results from today!!!! Check out the before and after!!! Tell me what you think! ❤️BeforeAfter


2 thoughts on “Journey back to Blonde Part 1”

  1. Looks so amazing! I have always wanted to go there! I also have black hair and want to do balayage, how much did this cost you?

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